The Andorra Platform
Andorra is the most comprehensive database dedicated solely for mission aligned investments. Quite simply, we have data you can’t access anywhere else. We use our data to offer you an integrated solution that streamlines your impact services – from identifying mission aligned investments to automated impact reporting. Andorra allows you to provide a tailored experience to even the most unique mission aligned investors, and do so in a way that is strategic, cost effective and comprehensive.
Impact Data
Discover New Opportunities
Andorra gives you access to data you can’t find anywhere else. We leverage both open and proprietary data sources to offer you the most comprehensive database that is dedicated solely to mission aligned investing.
Identify Mission Aligned Investments
Andorra helps you source investments for every type of mission aligned investor. Search using hundreds of filters and find opportunities that match your investment preferences.
Quickly Vet Potential Investments
Sort through company data faster to get the information you need to meet investment goals. We offer accurate, up-to-date and quality financial and impact data on companies and funds across the risk-return spectrum.
Impact Strategy and Management
Identify and Analyze Trends
Andorra uncovers both gaps in the marketplace and strategies to deploy impact capital across asset classes. We help you discover best practices, growth opportunities and emerging industries.
Created Tailored Strategies
Standardize the process for understanding impact objectives. Use Andorra to develop impact investing plans, strategies and policies that align with any investment appetite.
Construct Mission Aligned Portfolios
Build impact portfolios that are diversified across asset classes, impact themes or geographic locations. Andorra gives you the flexibility to meet the needs of your most unique investors.
Impact Reporting
Impact Measurement
Use Andorra's iiReporting™ tool to automate the process of collecting, organizing and aggregating impact data about for your portfolio. Andorra can provide real time analysis of your portfolio across key metrics and activities.
Impact Management
Manage all of your clients from one centralized dashboard. Structure and organize investee data to streamline workflow so you can spend less time collecting and analyzing and more time working with clients and growing your business.
Customized Reporting
Automated, customized and beautifully designed reports for every mission aligned portfolio. Whether you are creating an annual impact report for your organization or providing individual reporting, Andorra will support you every step of the way.
Custom Branding
Customize the platform and external facing documents with your branding, including logos and coloring.
Proprietary Database Build
Andorra can build a separate database just for your organization, with all the functionality of the full Andorra solution.
Keep proprietary information secure but have the flexibility to provide access through sharing permission controls.
Our Services
Although Andorra is easy to use, we know you will have questions. That's why we offer a two-day training on how to optimize Andorra to meet your organization's requirements and goals.
Ongoing Support
We are on this journey together. Be it strategic challenges or technical issues, you will have direct access to an Andorra account manager to guarantee the support you need.
Continual Success
Andorra is committed to your success. We will work hard to understand your needs and objectives and adapt accordingly so that we can continue to drive value for your organization.