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Invest with intentional and measurable impact

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What We Do

We design, simplify and scale the process of investing with intentional and measurable impact.


We provide the data needed to understand the positive and negative impacts of investments.


We provide the research needed to align assets with social and environmental issues.


We provide innovative tools to quantify and report on the impact that your investments make.

Who We Are
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Investing with intentional and measurable impact is messy.  We understand the universe and show you what’s possible so you don’t have to.   

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Investing with intentional and measurable impact is a lot of buzz. We help you operationalize this work in a way that leads to meaningful action.

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Investing with intentional and measurable impact is like the wild west.  We use data and facts to inform decision-making at every stage of the process.

No one can offer what we offer, not even the industry giants.

Who We Support


A one-stop shop for meeting your client’s environmental, social and financial goals.

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Mission-aligned investing tools and services developed by foundations for foundations.

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Are you a social enterprise?

Andorra provides pro-bono services to companies and funds addressing social and environmental issues.

We offer 1 hour consultations to discuss your impact strategy, impact reporting, or attracting values or mission-aligned investing capital. 

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