We believe the purpose of business is to serve society, not the other way around.

A message from the founder
I started Andorra because I believed that businesses can and should do more for our society, and I wanted to prove it.

We prove this by helping investors align their capital with their values and mission because we understand that finance is an important lever to nudge corporations to be more responsible or support new types of enterprises that considers all stakeholders, not just shareholders.  

As we think about the positive and negative impact our investments have in the world, it is clear that data and impact measurement and management play a critical role in aligning our practices with our intentions and that our actions are generating a positive impact.  

Using data and reporting to help others invest with intentional and measurable impact, we are driving transparency and accountability that nudge us all to do better. Good impact reporting provides the data you need to make informed decisions, not just feel good.  That’s why Andorra’s reporting provides a complete picture personalized to you.

Ty Thiele
Founder and CEO
Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support the ideas, communities and enterprises tackling social and environmental problems and we do that by helping investors align their capital with their values and mission.  In pursuing this, we hope to help redefine the purpose of business.  

Our Core Values
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Promote social justice and reduce gender, racial, economic and other inequities.
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Protect the environment and mitigate the risks of climate change.
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Redefine success in business and support responsible business practices.

We are a Public Benefit Corporation based in Philadelphia.